Sheldon Pointe

13515 Sheldon Road, Tampa, FL 33626

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Jim Dunphy, Developer
813.283.2558 ex 102

George McBee
 813.283.2558 ex 104

General Property Information

Sheldon Pointe represents the third project in which Dunphy Development and FMGI Inc. will serve as development partners, leveraging their respective industry expertise and proven partnership track record in co-developing products. The property will be owner-occupant partnering with another owner-occupant to build a Tampa corporate office space for the two companies and an additional medical office building supporting up to 18,000 SF of space. The overall development will consist of nearly 29,000 SF of office buildings. Sheldon Pointe will be two 2-story office buildings with surface parking. The project has a serene cypress lake at the back of the site and the potential for roof top lounge areas on both buildings will provide scenic views of the Citrus Park area.

Dunphy and FMGI plan to build their future office building and utilize this approximately 10,992 SF building as their new home offices. All parking will be in place with the completion of the Dunphy and FMGI office building. Additionally, a left turn lane on Sheldon Road southbound will allow for more efficient access into the office development. All necessary roadwork is expected to be completed with the Dunphy and FMGI corporate office building.