Our Team

John Billett

John “JB” Billett comes to Dunphy Development with 30+ years of commercial construction and development experience, with a proven background in business development and project management success resulting in more than $300 million in projects within the retail, hospitality, healthcare, and private sectors.


JB has been responsible for identifying and pursuing potential project opportunities as well as cultivating relationships with new and existing clients and design team partners as well as qualified sub-contractors and decision makers in all aspects of the development and construction industry.


As a commercial real estate project manager, JB ensures that construction projects are approached with the client’s best interest in mind.  From engaging with an architect, design development, budget planning, and contractor selections, he guides the client, advocating for their interest, negotiating contracts, and ensuring the highest quality workmanship is delivered on time and within budget.


During construction his goal is to keep the project costs/schedule in line as well as coordinate materials and make sure that there are no tenant/developer caused delays or wasted resources. JB specializes in creating a team atmosphere where all participants are engaged and aligned on the goals.


His time away from the office includes hunting, fishing and coaching football where he is a member of the “The American Football Coaches Hall of Fame” Hall of Influence.

JB enjoys spending time with his parents, 3 wonderful kids, a daughter-in-law, and grandchild!


   (813) 283-2558 ex. 107 (direct office)

  (813) 763-9934 (direct cell)